Pakistani newspaper under fire for calling Aurat March participants as “whores”

Pakistani newspaper under fire for calling Aurat March participants as “whores”

KARACHI – A far-right-wing and Islamist Urdu-language newspaper Daily Ummat referred the Pakistani Aurat March participant’s as "whores" on its front page story on April 5.

The story published on Monday morning stated that most of the women were raped in 14 countries including America, Japan, Sweden, South Africa, India and Bangladesh and other African countries.

The report further described that the “whores” of this annually held social and political demonstration are unable to see these non-Muslim countries where the sexual assault rates are high.

The offensive language has widely shared on social sites as people slammed the Karachi-based newspaper for using the derogatory term against women. People are also mentioning All Pakistan Newspapers Society and Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors to take notice against the newspaper for insulting remarks.

On the other hand, a private news channel also mentioned that they approached the newspaper’s editor, Amjad Irshad, for his comments on this. Irshad however asked them to call later and later, he didn’t get back to respond on the matter.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan HRCP also condemned the use of unethical language against women. A tweet shared on the official handle of the country’s oldest human rights organizations stated “HRCP condemns the use of unethical and inappropriate language against women in the daily Ummat.

The newspaper must publish an unconditional apology and refrain from using such language in the future, the tweet further added.

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