Three PML-N MNAs from Balochistan quit party

Three PML-N MNAs from Balochistan quit party

ISLAMABAD: Three PML-N MNAs from Balochistan announced their decision to leave the party. 

Jam Kamal, Mir Dostain Khan Domki and Khalid Magsi are the MNAs from Balochistan who announced they had left the party. The decision was announced in a press conference held at the National Press Club.

They said during the presser that Pakistan’s mainstream political parties did not consider protecting interests of Balochistan important.

They further said that the party’s provincial leadership was tough on them and did not do anything for their constituencies.

“We spoke about our problems to the prime minister and Nawaz Sharif multiple times but nobody paid any attention,” they said.

They said that it was a privilege to be part of the National Assembly and they had learned a lot during the past five years.