Pakistani film "Cake" waves internationally

Pakistani film

KARACHI: ‘Cake’ the film’s release has already become the talk of the town, and according to a press release, has become a huge success in cinemas nationwide!

The film which previously became the first Pakistani film to be premiered at Leicester Square has also made waves internationally;

According to reports, within the first weekend of its release, major cinemas and multiplexes such as Cinepax, Atrium in Karachi plus Cineplex Centaurus in Islamabad had sold out tickets for three consecutive days! With a business of Rs30 million within Pakistan and several international markets as of yet, the film is expected to break the box office in the coming days.

This is owed largely to the fact that the film aims to change the narrative that is generally associated with Pakistani women and has even bagged an extremely positive review from The Guardian.

According to director Asim Abbasi , “We are overwhelmed by all the love and praises. This is exactly where we wanted to be. We have audience members who are deeply touched by our narrative and we have given Pakistani Cinema what we set out to give it – diversity.”

This sentiment was further expressed by the film’s producer Zulfiqar Bukhari who said, “The response to Cake proves that Pakistan is ready for intelligent narratives executed to international standards. We wanted to showcase the power of authentic storytelling and bring fresh, new voices in cinema to the forefront.”