Bombs thrown at BJP rally in India

Bombs thrown at BJP rally in India

NEW DELHI - A video clipped has emerged of bombs being thrown at a procession of BJP workers who were going to file their nominations for the panchayat polls in Murshidabad's Jagirpur.

A 37-second clip of the incident, which seems to have been shot by a BJP worker, shows a boisterous group waving the BJP flag walking through a street screaming slogans.

As they progress, a loud bang can be heard. This then becomes a series of bangs, and the street ahead of the crowd fills up with smokes.

As the small explosions get closer to the procession, the BJP workers can be heard screaming at their colleagues to fall back. They then start screaming, "Vande Mataram".

Violence has long been a part of West Bengal's political process. The BJP has made it a central issue of its bid to increase its influence in the state, where it has at best had a marginal presence so far.