CPEC will help to remove poverty from country: Dr Ajmal

CPEC will help to remove poverty from country: Dr Ajmal

KARACHI: (APP) The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would be a great turnaround for Pakistan and would help minimize poverty in the country.

This was stated by the Vice-Chancellor of Karachi University, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ajmal Khan.

He was speaking at a moot organized by the Institute of Sustainable Halophyte Utilization, Karachi University, on `Sindh at the Crossroad of success through CPEC'.

A University official said on Thursday that the session was aimed at highlighting various aspects of CPEC.


I believe that preaching alone can never change a country, you have to change objective conditions as well' said the Vice Chancellor in his presiding remarks.

He further mentioned that the education, infrastructure and power resources must be developed in order to develop a nation.

Moreover, the Vice-Chancellor said, a paradigm shift from feudal to modern mindset is mandatory to achieve the goal of progress in economy.

He further added that CPEC will prove to be a great and historic milestone in the history of Pak-China relations which will not only bring extensive job opportunities to the locals but also bring development in the underdeveloped areas of the country especially Balochistan and Sindh.

Addressing the audience, Fazalullah Qureshi, former Federal Secretary, talked about the railway and sea routes covered by CPEC and their influence on the development and improvement of the routes.

He mentioned various power projects and transport infrastructure projects including ten transport projects out of which only two lie in Sindh.

Dr. Tanveer Ahmed Qureshi, Director General Sindh Board of Investment, spoke about the per capita GDP being $1400 meanwhile the market size of Pakistan is 220 million consumers.


We need to focus on three I's i.e. Institution, Infrastructure and investment' he said.

He also emphasized on vitality of Karachi being the backbone of financial structure of our country since it has two seaports and is a gateway to Central Asia, Africa, Europe and China.

Director ISHU and Program coordinator Professor Dr. Bilquees Gul delivered the vote of thanks speech and said the whole world has its eye on CPEC and this project will prove to be game changer for not only Pakistan but the whole region.

Dean faculty of social sciences KU Professor Dr. Muhammad Ahmed Qadri also spoke on the occasion terming CPEC as the fate changer for Pakistanis. CPEC has the attention of the whole international community.