21 outlaws detained by Police, arms recovered

21 outlaws detained by Police, arms recovered

RAWALPINDI: (APP) Police have arrested 21 lawbreakers including two drunkards besides recovering 6705 grams charras, 20 liter liquor, two pistols 30 bore with six rounds, two rifles with 10 rounds, 32 bore revolver with three rounds and fireworks items from their possession.

According to a police spokesman, Saddar Wah police held Asmat Zia for having 1300 grams charras.

Pirwadhai police recovered 10 liter liquor from possession of Tahir. Saddar Wah police seized 10 liter liquor and netted Amir.

Gungmandi police apprehended Wajid for carrying 1060 grams charras and Irfan with 1065 grams charras. Gujar Khan police rounded up Zaheer for having 1580 grams charras.

New Town police arrested Khurram and Zahid who were allegedly under the influence of alcohol. Saddar Baroni police held Samiullah and registered a case against him under 14 Foreigner Act.

Other accused were sent behind the bars for having illegal weapons and drugs.

Meanwhile, Morgah police arrested Numan and Zeeshan on recovery of fireworks items.