World’s first Dengue Fever Vaccine launched

MANILA: Philippines has launched first ever Dengue Fever vaccine in the world which took 20 years to develop with a cost of $1.8 billion.


The vaccine was developed last year in December and remained under study of World Health Organization (WHO) for approval.


At least 390 million people suffer from the disease out of which 25,000 people die every year.


At least 70 percent cases occur in third world countries including Pakistan where hundreds of people died in recent year.


The virus spread through a bite from Aedes mosquito with severe symptoms of headache, rashes, severe pain in body and blood vessels.


Philippines also suffered at huge level with this disease.


In 2013, 200,000 Dengue fever cases were reported in Philippines.


Philippines claimed that it cannot wait further for the approval of WHO to launch vaccine in the market.


Philippines has launched the vaccine in schools through a government’s immunization programme.


Country’s health officials claimed that one million school children will be benefited from this programme and the disease will be reduced up to 25 percent in the next five years.