Government Ministers target SKMCH in return for Panama Leaks allegations by Imran Khan 

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister Perviaz Rashid said that Imran Khan did not respond our questions about his  property and assets because he could not face truth while Danial Aziz alleged that Off-Shore companies are the invention of Imran Khan.


While addressing press conference in response of allegations, being hurled by Imran, Pervaiz Rashid said that baseless allegations are being raised by few elements for political gains.


Minister for information claimed that allegations that was imposed on PML-N government proved wrong but no one could prove our allegations wrong because Imran know that he could not prove our allegations wrong.


While giving details of alleged irregularities in SHMCH, Danial Aziz said that off-shore companies are the  inventions of Imran Khan while he was involved in investment with global network.


Imran established HBG holding company in Dubai while he invested in several countries including Afghanistan. Danial further alleged that millions of rupees of cancer hospital collected for the treatment of poor people, invested in off-shore companies by Imran Khan.


Muhammad Zubair, Minister for State for Privatization claimed that Panama papers being displaced on social and electronic media did not have authenticity and the matter should be investigated.


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