Baluchistan CM takes the lead in exposing Narendra Modi's evil designs

Baluchistan CM takes the lead in exposing Narendra Modi's evil designs

QUETTA (APP): Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Khan Zehri Sunday said parliamentarians from the province would visit friendly countries to inform them and international community about the interference of neighbouring countries in Balochistan .

An open letter would also be sent to the United Nations Secretary General in that regard, he added.

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He was talking to a delegation of anchorpersons, who called on him here at the Chief Minister House. Spokesman for the Balochistan Government Anwar-ul-Haque Kakar was also present.

Zehri said some insurgents had been using the Baloch youth as the "fuel for their so-called freedom fight".

He said several mis-guided youth had joined the national mainstream after leaving mountains. However, some elements were sill talking about the so-called freedom in order to mint money.

No one, he said, would be allowed to enforce his stance and philosophy on gunpoint. Security situation had already been improved to satisfactory level in Balochistan , he added.

The chief minister said that the statement of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had cleared the situation that as to who was behind unrest in Balochistan .

All the people of Balochistan , he said, had strongly reacted to Modi's statement. "We are not afraid of India. All the nefarious designs of enemies will be foiled at any cost," he added.

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He said there was no truth in the propaganda that mutilated bodies were being dumped in the province. A significant improvment had been witnessed in law and order situation, he said, adding that according to police record some 40 to 50 persons were reported to be missing, most of them were living in Afghanistan and Dubai.

He said that the government was sincere in conducting census. It was postponed as the security forces were busy in activities to restore and maintain law and order. A transparent and non-controversial census would be conducted in collaboration with the Pakistan Army, he added.

He said that his government had been taking practical steps against corruption.

He said with the completion of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and making Gwadar Port completely functional would boost local and national economy, besides bringing an economic revolution in the region.

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