India rejects reports of closing of Afghanistan embassy in New Delhi

India rejects reports of closing of Afghanistan embassy in New Delhi

India's foreign ministry confirmed on Thursday that despite Afghanistan's embassy in New Delhi initially declaring its suspension of operations, it continues to remain functional.

Although India does not formally recognize the Taliban-led government in Afghanistan, it has permitted the ambassador and mission staff appointed during the tenure of ousted Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to process visas and manage trade affairs.

The embassy had previously announced its intention to cease operations in India as of October 1, citing various grievances, including alleged lack of support from the Indian government.

Dismissing the assertions, Arindam Bagchi, the spokesperson for the Indian foreign ministry, stated, "I do not believe they are accurate based on the facts."

Bagchi informed reporters, "As per our information, the embassy in New Delhi is currently operational." He mentioned that the foreign ministry had been notified of the embassy's decision to suspend its activities and was maintaining communication with Afghan diplomats at both the embassy and the consulates in Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

Bagchi also acknowledged, "We are cognizant of the extended absence of the ambassador and the departure of a significant number of Afghan diplomats from India in recent times."