Pakistani Oxford lecturer gets `Best Doctoral Dissertation Award'

Pakistani Oxford lecturer gets `Best Doctoral Dissertation Award'

ISLAMABAD: A Pakistani environmentalist and Oxford University lecturer Dr. Abrar Chaudhury received the `Best Doctoral Dissertation Award 2017' by the Organization and Natural Environment Division (ONE) at the Academy of Management in Atlanta.


Abrar received the award for his pioneering work in managing climate change in developing countries including Pakistan.


Talking to private News channel, Abrar elaborated: "My work requires crossing disciplinary boundaries from natural science (understanding climate change), social science (how people are impacted and how they react) to management science (how responses are planned and organized).


The research is close to my heart and touches on the bigger reality of how we can live in and adapt to an unpredictable and changing world with an ever-increasing population".


The PHD has already been translated into several high-level journal publications, working papers and blogs.


The award committee praised his research noting: "It was extremely impressed with the novelty of the dissertation, the setting and detailed data and analyses, as well as the important practical implications of the work."


Abrar said: "I am delighted to receive this award as a Pakistani and the recognition of my work in developing pragmatic solutions for tackling the wicked challenge of climate change in resource constraint countries.


I look forward to continuing researching this important work in my home country of Pakistan, building on my strong association with Oxford University.