Israel mulls possibility of dropping nuclear bomb at Gaza

Israel mulls possibility of dropping nuclear bomb at Gaza

Amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Hamas group, an Israeli minister revealed the possibility of using a nuclear weapon in the Gaza Strip. In a radio interview, Israel's far-right Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage Minister, Amichai Eliyahu, asserted that there were "no non-combatants in Gaza" and that providing humanitarian aid to the region would be considered a "failure." When asked if a nuclear attack on Gaza was an option, he responded affirmatively.

In response to Eliyahu's statement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized it as being "divorced from reality" and emphasized that Israel and its military were operating in accordance with international law to minimize harm to non-combatants.

Following this controversy, multiple media reports indicated that the minister had been suspended from government meetings until further notice. Opposition leader Yair Lapid also called for Eliyahu's removal.

Additionally, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant denounced Eliyahu's statements on his X account, labeling them as "baseless and irresponsible."

He highlighted the importance of responsible leadership in matters related to Israel's security.