Afghan forces firing on Pakistan census team denounced

Afghan forces firing on Pakistan census team denounced

ISLAMABAD: Defence analysts and experts on Friday termed the firing incident by Afghan Border Force (ABF) targeting Pakistan's census team at bordering villages of Chaman as unfortunate.

Recording his reaction on the issue with APP, Ambassador Ali Sarwar Naqvi said, "This is an unfortunate incident - this should have not happened."

He said Afghanistan is not only Pakistan's next door neighbor but both the nations have strong bonds. "People from both sides are in direct relationships."

He pointed out that the adversary had been using Afghans against Pakistan to get her nefarious designs fulfilled and both Pakistan and Afghanistan needed to exercise acumen to effectively encounter such designs.

Advocating the efforts towards achieving border management mechanism, Ambassador Naqvi said this was meant to check illegal activities from across the border.

Another expert Brig (R) Asif Haroon Raja said India- Afghan nexus was only an outcome of a weaker administrative set up in Afghanistan.

Shedding light on the historic relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan, he said India had always been playing dirty role to put hurdles on the way to come closer.

He said such incidents were to destablize the on-going border management system. (APP)