Where does Pakistan stand in world's most powerful passport list?

Where does Pakistan stand in world's most powerful passport list?

ISLAMABAD – A fresh ranking about the world's most powerful passports has shed light on the state of affairs of Pakistan as the list places the country amongst the last ten spots.

The rankings announced by offshore consulting firm, Nomad Capitalist place Pakistan at 195th spot out of total 199 countries in terms of world's most powerful passports.

As far as the score is concerned, it bagged only 31.50 points and the consulting firm stated that Pakistan passport ranking is calculated by relying on the Pakistan government's approach not just to travel, but also to international taxation laws, global perception, dual citizenship, and personal freedom.

The firm gave the country Travel score of 45 as there are 9 countries that Pakistan passport holders can enter without a visa.

The rankings are based on five parameters i. e Travel, Dual Citizenship, freedom, perception and taxation and as far as Pakistan is concerned, it scored in individual category as follows:

Travel: 45


Perception: 10

Dual Citizenship: 30

Freedom: 10

Pakistan's neighbor, India bagged the 159th ranking with a total score of 44.50. The only countries worst than Pakistan in terms of rankings are Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan.

As far as the topper is concerned, United Arab Emirates (UAE) took the first spot and interestingly, last year it was at 35th spot.