US supports Afghan peace process for stability in the region

US supports Afghan peace process for stability in the region

WASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama claimed that US supports the Afghan peace process for   stability in the region during a video conference.


White House said “Obama underscored US support for a peace process that reduces violence and ensures lasting stability in Afghanistan and the region, and he noted Ghani’s role in working with Afghanistan’s neighbours to deepen regional cooperation and advance the reconciliation process with the Taliban.”


Obama Urged Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to hold talks with Taliban to establish peace.


Obama also appreciated Afghan security forces for better performance and courage in fight against terrorism.


US also commits to support Afghan government to strengthen governance and provide security for people.


Pakistan, China, US and Afghanistan hold meetings with Taliban to negotiate on peace process in Afghanistan.


The QCG group also announced to hold direct talks between Afghan government and Taliban in the first week of March in Pakistan capital.


Taliban and insurgent groups have boosted their campaign against the Afghan government after the withdrawal of NATO forces in 2014.


They are targeting Afghan security forces and civilians.


Days before Taliban killed 28 people including a tribal leader who was involved in several operations against Taliban.


Afghan President Ashraf Ghani claimed that we will not negotiate with those who are killing Afghan civilians.