PPP dominated Senate rejects PIA privatization bill

PPP dominated Senate rejects PIA privatization bill

ISLAMABAD: Senate has rejected the bill to make PIA as Private Limited Company here at Friday while PIA privatization bill was approved by National Assembly .


As per details, PML-N government could not succeed to pass PIA privatization bill from Senate due to the majority of PPP senators in Upper House.


When federal minister Zahid Hamid tried to present privatization bill in upper house then majority of the members opposed the bill and chanted slogans “Shame” at the occasion.


When Deputy Chairman Moulana Ghafur Haideri asked the senators for their opinion on bill then majority of the senators casted their votes against the bill.


It is also worthy to mention here that Standing Committee of Senate for Cabinet Secretariat has rejected the bill on February 29 while privatization bill has been approved by NA due the majority of PML-N government.



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