Solar eclipse, ring of fire date and time

Solar eclipse, ring of fire date and time

The first Solar Eclipse of 2021 will be visible on June 10. During a solar eclipse the Moon moves between the Sun and Earth, and blocks the light of the Sun from reaching Earth. The solar eclipse event will start at 01:42 PM (IST) and will be visible until 06:41 PM (IST), as per

The solar eclipse will be visible from parts of Canada, Greenland, and Russia. It will be visible for those who are based in Canada, northern Ontario and on the north side of Lake Superior. While countries like the US and India will miss out on this astronomical event, but the East Coast and the Upper Midwest people will get a glimpse of it after sunrise. How to watch Solar Eclipse 2021 in India?

Though the annular solar eclipse will not be visible in India the celestial event can be watched online. A live stream link of the solar eclipse has been shared by so that the event can be seen virtually on June 10. Why is it called 'Ring of Fire'?

When the Moon is farthest from Earth, the Moon appears smaller and does not block the entire light of the Sun and there is a ring of sunlight created. In simpler terms, because of the distance, the moon appears a bit smaller and does not block the entire view of the Sun. This is when a ring of light is witnessed. This is also referred to as the ‘Ring of Fire.’ Source: link