DG ISPR takes a jibe at Indian media, asks not to forget February 27

DG ISPR takes a jibe at Indian media, asks not to forget February 27

*RAWALPINDI - Asif Ghafoor calls Indian Media ‘fake’ which has been busy spinning stories, on Wednesday (today) replying to Indian media frenzy, claims and conspiracies over the voluntary budgeting decision undertaken by the armed forces.*

DG-ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor emphasized that the recent misadventure by the Indian forces on 27 Feb 19 that resulted in Abhinandan’s arrest should be a glaring reminder to India about Pakistan’s capacity and capability, which was a triumphant victory for the Pakistan Armed Forces working in the limitations of the current defence budget allocation.

The tweet read: “Indian fake media busy spinning on our internal def budgeting choice.Don’t forget,we were the same forces with same budget on 27 Feb 19. We hv the capability & capacity to respond. Remember, it’s not budgeting, it’s resolve of force & the nation firmly standing behind its forces.”

Director General of the Public Relations wing of the Armed forces stressed that it is never money which makes a soldier or an Army better, rather resolve & the nation firmly standing behind its forces which makes them become the best at their respective duties.

The Minister for Information at the time of the Balakot misadventure by India and the the current Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry chipped in with his take on the situation and tweeted that the Indian media behaved like a subservient pet of it’s military establishment.

Fawad’s tweet read: “Indian media is a classic case that what media should never be! They toe their agencies and establishment line like a pet, in # link* indian media earned world wide notoriety for war mongering and seems they are first to get effected by Hinduvata doctrine.”