Torkham border sealed after intelligence report

Torkham border sealed after intelligence report

PESHAWAR: Torkham Border was once again shut down for all kind of movements on Sunday after the intelligence information received from the sensitive quarters revealed suspected activities on the border area from Afghanistan side.

Pak-Afghan border remained shut for atleast five hours when security forces launched a combing operation in border town after receiving an alert message from intelligence agencies about possible infiltration of suspected militants from Afghanistan.

The officials of the political administration told local journalists that Torkham border was sealed for all sorts of traffic after they had received information that some suspected persons were present in the area and had entered via Torkham border illegally, according to Pakistan Observer.

The FC troops launched a massive search operation in the bordering areas including Bacha Mena, Kabalo Mena and other localities of tehsil Landi Kotal. At 11:00 am, the areas were cleared and cross-border movement was restored for both traffic and pedestrians. According to the officials, no one was detained in the search process.