Israeli military secret documents stolen in a dramatic move

Israeli military secret documents stolen in a dramatic move

TEHRAN* – An Audi jeep belonging to the Israeli army was stolen in a European city.*

The vehicle of an Israeli official loaded with sensitive military documents left was stolen while his driver and bodyguard were standing next to it, wrote Jerusalem Post.

The name of the city was not revealed.

The awfully embarrassing security incident has happened last week, according to Yediot Aharonot.

'The attaché’s local driver was waiting outside of the hotel along with the bodyguard, leaving the engine of the luxury Audi jeep running. As the driver and bodyguard were speaking outside of the vehicle, a car thief managed to enter the vehicle and drive off, with sensitive military documents and the attaché’s personal effects still inside,' wrote Jerusalem Post.

According to IDF protocol, military officers are forbidden from leaving military computers in their homes or cars where they are at risk of being stolen, to prevent classified information from falling into the wrong hands.

Military laptops containing classified material must be kept locked in the base's vault.

Apparently, the vehicle was remotely neutralized by Audi soon after the incident forcing the thief to abandon it. The car was later found in a predominantly Muslim immigrant part of the city where it was taken. A wallet and two uniforms were missing from the car.

The Israeli army has in the past dismissed officers from their positions after their military laptops were stolen.