Pakistan's economy witnessing healthy progress: PM

Pakistan's economy witnessing healthy progress: PM

ISLAMABAD:Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi says the country’s economy is on the rise with different sectors witnessing healthy growth.

Speaking in a talk show of a private news channel, he said Pakistan needs not to go to the International Monetary Fund.

About Afghan issue, the Prime Minister reiterated that no country other than Pakistan is more interested in durable peace in Afghanistan. He said recently Pakistan has handed over about twenty-seven Afghan nationals to the Afghan authorities.

The Prime Minister maintained that no attacks are taking place from Pakistan. Rather terrorists from across the Afghan soil have been targeting Pakistan.

About Pak-US ties, he said both countries are allies in the war on terror and allies work through mutual trust and coordination instead of hurling tweets against each other.

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said Pakistan is fighting the war against terror with its own resources and the world has also acknowledged it.

He said Pakistan is a sovereign country and we know how to defend ourselves.

The Prime Minister emphatically rejected any anti-judiciary tirade on the part of the government. He said the judicial verdicts or judiciary could not be ridiculed.APP