India and Pakistani delegations met at the international borders

India and Pakistani delegations met at the international borders

*ISLAMABAD - In order to counter the alarming locust epidemic in South Asia, members of the Locust Control board from India and Pakistan met at the international India-Pakistan border in Munnaboa in Barmer.*

“A team of four members, headed by Directorate of Plant Protection Quarantine from Pakistan and us met and discussed the situation of breeding of the locust," said Indian government official KL Gurjar, who serves as Deputy Director (PP), Directorate of Plant Protection Quarantine & Storage, quoted *Deccan Herald*.

This was the last scheduled meeting between the two countries for the next six months. The Indian official informed in the meeting it was discussed that for the next six months the locust breeding will take place at the other end towards, Balochistan- Iran border.

The locust attacks have caused serious damage on both sides of the border and have been particularly deadly to the standing crops in 11 districts in Sindh. The provincial government has decided to provide Rs10 million to federal Plant Protection Dept as bridge finance arrangement to arrange three aircraft, fuel and pesticide to launch aerial spray in desert area, the habitat of locust, with an immediate effect.

Minister Agriculture Ismail Rahu, informed that the emergence of desert locust was first reported in Nara desert of Khairpur on May 13, 2019 which had come from India. He added that due to prolonged monsoon season, Desert Locust laid eggs in desert area and now Nymph and hopper Band shave emerged in desert areas which could cause a great threat to farmers' economy.