Canadian government unveils new immigration policy for less educated people

Canadian government unveils new immigration policy for less educated people

ISLAMABAD - The idea behind this new campaign is to fulfill the need for workers in developing areas and to deal with the declining Canadian population. It is a northern and rural immigration pilot program as they call it. Ahmed Hussain, immigration minister of Canada, recently revealed about this program. He stated that according to the ongoing Canadian immigration program, people coming to the country for jobs mostly prefer residing in bigger towns and cities.

Rendering to the stats, more than half of the immigrants in Canada are living in big cities.

It is primarily the reason why the population has declined in the undeveloped rural areas of Canada and needless to say, because of population decline, there’s a shortage of workers as well.

As per the reports, Canadian leaders of rural areas have asked the federal government to take immediate action in order to overcome the decline in population and shortage of labor.

As a result, the respective program has been announced by the federal government of Canada. Currently, they’ve decided five years as the initial period for this program. Eligibility Criteria:

Small towns, as well as rural areas, can participate in this program. The communities selected for this program are as follows:

1. Alberta 2. Ontario 3. Manitoba 4. Yukon 5. British Columbia 6. Saskatchewan 7. Nunavut 8. Northwest Territories

Each one of them has to submit an application and once done, the federal government will analyze the situation of these communities on various grounds before approval, including distance from big cities, job opportunities, development plan, population, along with the necessary facilities present like education, healthcare, transport and more.

The program would be launched soon, but nothing has been revealed as yet.