Nawaz summoned today to testify in Flagship Investment reference

Nawaz summoned today to testify in Flagship Investment reference

ISLAMABAD: The Accountability Court (AC) of Islamabad summoned former prime minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif to record his statement under Section 342 in the Flaghip Investment corruption reference today.

The court had already provided a questionnaire comprising 62 questions to the accused in that regad.

AC Judge Arshad Malik heard the Flagship Investment reference filed by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) against the former prime minister, who submitted a request seeking a one-day exemption from hearing.

During the course of proceedings, the judge expressed displeasure over the absence of Nawaz Sharif, observing that the accused had become habitual of not appearing before the court. His not taking notice of the matter did not mean filing of requests for exemption everyday. The accused should have appeared before the trial court after attending proceedings in the Supreme Court, he added.

NAB prosecutor Sardar Muzafar Abbasi said today was fixed by the court for recording of accused statement in the Flagship Investment reference, but he did not appear.

The court then summoned the accused on Wednesday to record his statement, besides accepting his request for one-day exemption.


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