Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp face global outage including across Pakistan

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp face global outage including across Pakistan

ISLAMABAD - Facebook , Instagram and WhatsApp face global outage including across Pakistan.

The world’s most popular social networks i.e. Facebook , Instagram, and WhatsApp have experienced a series of crashes recently, with users worldwide saying they were unable to log-in, post content, or share posts on these platforms. The problems in Facebook servers started shortly after 11 Pacific time and some regions around the globe are still facing issues.

Interestingly, the outage monitoring website, Down Detector has reported a sharp spike of Facebook outage reports,*more than 7,000* link in total from 4th of August. Whereas, Instagram users, in some cases, received messages that the site was down for maintenance.

Among those people who were able to access their accounts on these social media platforms, some claimed that they have seen posts from users not in their networks in their news feeds. It’s still not clear whether the issues for those users have been resolved after a long period of relative stability.

Meanwhile, according to *Down Detector,*around 59 percent of users worldwide are experiencing news feed glitches, while 25 percent are having problems posting content and sending media files (in case of WhatsApp). Moreover, some social media users took to Twitter link to complain about the Facebook/Instagram problems.

As for users in Pakistan, a limited number of complaints were seen on social media especially Twitter late yesterday. However, it appears that for Pakistani users all of the above social media platforms are working fine now.

It must be noted that there has been a string of problems link across the services in recent months, with roots in everything from server configurations to the previously mentioned media services. It is likely that Facebook might face such type of issues in the near future again.