Upto 16 hours load shedding across country as power shortfall reaches 6000 MW

ISLAMABAD – Upto 16-hour prolonged power cuts have irked consumers across Pakistan.

As per details garnered, electricity shortfall has soared to record high of 6250MW. At present, demand of electricity stands at 24640MW whereas production stands at 18390MW.

Shortfall mounted as electricity production from water is plummeting incessantly due to lack of rains.

The situation is also worse here in provincial capital Lahore where 8-hour to 12-hour power cuts have crippled routine life activities.

Earlier, a massive power breakdown on Wednesday night hit different parts of Lahore, depriving half of City’s population of electricity for hours.

Technical fault at 220kv grid station at the Bund Road plunged half of Lahore into darkness. The power outage made the hot and humid conditions difficult to bear for the residents.