Lahore Metro Train project future remains uncertain

Lahore Metro Train project future remains uncertain

LAHORE - Lahore Metro Train project that was to begin public operations in May of this year has faced further delays. Trial runs were then conducted in May. Now, officials in the know have said that while most of the work is complete, doors won't be opened to public till next year.

The 27-kilometre metro line at a cost of $1.6 billion - and with ample help from a Chinese company - has hit several roadblocks in its journey from being a dream to turning into a reality. The most significant hurdle was when its close distance from historical monuments led to legal woes with the Lahore High Court.

The Supreme Court of the country would eventually give the green signal but with numerous conditions, including that the high-speed trains would slow down when passing by historical structures. Then there were allegations that funds were not released on time by governments.

All of these have led to numerous delays for the country's first metro line that hopes to eventually transport 250,000 a day when it begins operations and take that number to 500,000 by 2025.