In a first, China to set up traditional Chinese medicines hospital in Pakistan

In a first, China to set up traditional Chinese medicines hospital in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD - A leading Chinese health expert has shown keen interest to set up a hospital of traditional medicines in Pakistan for treatment of patients suffering from cancer, diabetes and other diseases and arrange lectures to create awareness among people about the Chinese way of treatment.

“We want to open a branch of our hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) in Islamabad and at present, we are looking at different possibilities for this purpose,” Chairperson of Beijing Guo Yi Hui Hospital, Helen Zhang said here on Sunday.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a treasure of Chinese civilization while its efficacy in clinical application and healthcare is remarkable, she told APP in an exclusive interview.

She stressed that being a comprehensive way of treatment; traditional Chinese medicine could be developed and promoted in the whole world including Pakistan.

Expressing her confidence to start a new culture of traditional medicines in Pakistan, she said that different kinds of herbs were available in abundance in Pakistan, adding, “We can use these local herbs for treatment of patients.”

Helen Zhang, who also arranges lectures and training classes at her hospital, informed that traditional Chinese medicine way of treatment had a history of 5,000 years as it protected the health of Chinese people from generation to generation.

“Chinese medicine is all-embracing, integrating natural view, humanistic view, worldview, religion, and philosophy. It is a special theoretical system to show how greatest it is rather than medical science,” she added.

Referring to the friendly history between China and Pakistan and the support extended by Pakistan to China during its hard times, she said, as a health expert, it was her responsibility to let every Pakistani experience the charm of traditional Chinese medicines.

About promotion of traditional Chinese medicine in Pakistan, she said many international students came to China for learning this method and brought those skills back to their country.

“We will arrange lectures to create awareness among Pakistanis living in China enabling them to take this knowledge and skills back to Pakistan,” she added.

On the future of traditional Chinese medicines, she believed it would spread gradually because it was a kind of natural healing and there was no side effect to the human body and as a result, it was easier for the people to accept this way of treatment.

Responding to a question about the role of Western medicine, she said it played an important role in modern China. Its application in surgery, anti-infective drugs, and control in contagion was in a dominant position.

She opined that traditional and modern medicine needed to stand on a common ground while reserving difference and draw upon one another’s strong points in order to protect the health of human being.

To a question, she explained traditional Chinese medicines were more effective for the first-stage cancer patients and added it was also useful for some patients who were recovering after surgeries.

“We can cure cancer without hurting healthy hormones and we can successfully control cancer cells. Traditional medicine is also the best way to treat diabetics as we target the reasons of this disease,” she concluded. - APP