Imran Khan rise to PM slot prophesied 16 years ago by foreign historian

Imran Khan rise to PM slot prophesied 16 years ago by foreign historian

ISLAMABAD - Imran Khan’s rise to the top of Pakistani politics was prophesied 16 years ago – in a book about the history of Cartmel Cricket Club, *reported link* The Mail.

The former cricketer, who is due to take oath as prime minister on August 11, was a relative unknown when he graced the wicket in the historic South Lakes village as his Worcestershire CC side visited in April 1974 for a benefit match against Lancashire.

An account of the day was published in the 2002 book called ‘Twixt, Cock and Fairy, written by local historian John Glaister and Tracey Williams.

It read: “The 21-year-old had the fair ladies swooning on this day. Ultimately he was to become possibly the greatest Pakistani all-rounder of all time and in 1992 he led his country to a world cup triumph.

“Cartmel Park was just a little different to cricket in Peshawar I think. And one day at some time in the future, Imran is likely to hold the highest political office in Pakistan. You read it here first.”

Mr Glaister, who played for Warton Cricket Club from 1975 to 2002, said it was not ‘rocket science to prophesy a glittering political future’.

He said: “With his privileged background and a deeply embedded desire to win, the runes were set fair.”

“His school was the Eton of Pakistan.”

The captain of the Worcestershire team at the time was Norman Gifford MBE, who was born and bred in Ulverston.

He was one of the beneficiaries for the day, as was Lancashire’s, Harry Pilling.

Four thousand people enjoyed a ‘glorious afternoon’ and drank the beer tent dry – raising more than £500, according to the Westmorland Gazette’s report of the day.

The report said: “Two unusual incidents happened in the game.”

“A six by d’Oliveira (Basil) nearly wrecked the bar tent and another went clean out of the ground to be caught in the adjoining field by a youth in a purple shirt.”