Four names surface for Punjab governor slot: Sources

ISLAMABAD - PTI is considering four names for the post of Punjab governor

“Ishaq Khakwani, Babar Awan, Rai Azizullah and Ejaz Chauhdary’s names are under consideration for the slot of Punjab governor,” sources said.

“Jahangir Tareen hopes to appoint Ishaq Khakwani to the post,” they added.

Meanwhile, Azizullah is believed to be a close aide of party chairman Imran Khan.

“Chaudhary too is in the race for Punjab governor owing to his services for the party,” the sources added.

Further, the sources said, “Awan has been included in the list of potential candidates for Punjab governor as he can give a tough time to opposition parties.”

The PTI claims it has a majority in the Punjab Assembly with 186 seats after the support of independents and allied parties.