PAF C-130s to be upgraded with state of the art features

PAF C-130s to be upgraded with state of the art features

IOWA - Rockwell Collins is set to provide the Pakistan Air Force with its Flight2 system as an upgrade for up to 11 Lockheed C-130E and 5 C-130Bs, the company said. 

Through foreign military sales, Rockwell Collins would provide the integrated avionics suite, along with training and technical support during installation, reported on Tuesday.

“Pakistan Air Force pilots will experience greater situational awareness and communications capabilities with the highly advanced avionics onboard these aircraft,” says Dave Schreck, VP and General Manager of Airborne Solutions for Rockwell Collins.

 The upgrade features

*             Required navigation performance area navigation flight management system with high

altitude release point and computed air release point precision airdrop software

*             Glass cockpit with new primary flight displays

*             Autopilot

*             Very high frequency

*             High frequency

*             Satellite communication capabilities

*             Navigation sensors

*             Weather radar

*             Traffic collision avoidance system

*             Terrain awareness and warning system

*             Digital map

Work is to be performed in Pakistan with an expected completion date of December 31, 2020.