NSA Nasir Janjua urges Afghans to say “No to War”

NSA Nasir Janjua urges Afghans to say “No to War”

ISLAMABAD: (APP) It is high time for the people of Afghanistan to rise and say "No to War" said National Security Advisor (NSA) Lt. General Nasser Khan Janjua here on Wednesday.

"People of Afghanistan should unite and exert pressure on the warring sides to reconcile with each other for the sake of peace," he said while talking to a delegation of journalists from Afghanistan which met him in his office.

He asked the delegation to "carry a message of love and hope for the people of Afghanistan from Pakistan.

"We love you and your children. We value you as our brothers. Pakistan has nothing else for Afghanistan but love and respect. Lets get together," he said.

The NSA offered the delegates an opportunity to have an open, candid and frank discussion so that misunderstandings and misgivings could be mitigated. "We are the strength of each other" he reiterated.

The NSA also stressed the need for both countries to work together at all levels including political, diplomatic, military, intelligence and people to people to defeat the common enemy and to establish a joint framework to address each others concerns.

The delegation expressed their satisfaction and gratitude and promised to convey this message of love from people of Pakistan to people of Afghanistan.

Both sides exchanged views on matters pertaining to promote bilateral ties and to end hostility and mistrust.

The members of Afghan delegation sought NSA's opinion on many issues enhancing relationship of both the countries like refugees, border closure and its management, smuggling, Durand Line, rise of Daish in Afghanistan, reconciliation with Taliban, China Pakistan Economic Corridor and relationship with India.

NSA responded to every question very elaborately covering various angles and implications of each issue on behalf of both the countries.

He explained them at length, the ways and means to get over with the conflict for the sake of peace and stability in the region.

He shared with them the vision of a joint future and the prosperity which awaits both the countries through becoming together.