US Congress moved to declare India a "Partner with Equal Status"

WASHINGTON: A US Pentagon official claimed that US Congress moved a resolution to declare India as a “Partner with Equal Status”.


Pentagon official Duncan M. Lang claimed that Obama administration and Congress are working together for passing the law which will ensure the adaptation of US-India Defence Technology and Partnership Act.


He claimed that this law will strengthen bilateral ties and mutual interests and both states will enjoy strong bipartisan support.


The statement came after a day of India’s reaction on Obama’s remarks to reduce nuclear arsenal in south Asia.


Indian Ministry for External Affairs official claimed that India’s nuclear arsenal is safe and secure and there is a lack of understanding between two countries.


He said “Yes, we have seen those remarks. There seems to be lack of understanding of India’s defence posture. 


Conventionally, India has never initiated military action against any neighbour. We also have a no first use nuclear weapons policy. “


“Since the context was the Nuclear Security Summit, the president’s own remarks that ‘expanding nuclear arsenals in some countries, with more small tactical nuclear weapons which should be at greater risk of theft sums up the focus of global concern,” he added.