Startling revelations about Pathankot Attack by Pakistani JIT

ISLAMABAD: Startling revelations about Pathankot Attack by Pakistani JIT


The Joint Investigation Team JIT formed by Pakistani government to probe the Pathankot Air Base Attack in India has compiled it's report about the incident and is soon to be presented before the Prime Minister of Pakistan.


As per the sources the JIT has reached to the conclusion that neither the Attackers entered in India from Pakistan and nor the Indian authorities had any evidence of the attackers entry from Pakistan.


The all four attackers were killed within few hours of the incidence and Indian Forces intentionly continued the episode for 72 hours to attract the maximum national and international media attention to malign Pakistan.


Indian authorities didnot cooperate well with Pakistani JIT and just a limited access to desired places and evidences were given which was not sufficient to prove any thing independently.


No evidences of any links of all four attackers could be established with Pakistani based group Jaish e Muhammad or its leader Masood Azhar.

The statement of the Gurdaspur SP Slavinder Singh was also confusing and contradictory which also raised suspicion of the authenticity of the Indian claims.

Pakistani JIT was not provided access to any independent probe opportunity.


Lately the murder of the NIA Inspector Muhammad Tanzeel probing the Pathankot attacks has also raised serious doubts of the authenticity of the Indian claims about the attacks.

Sources quoted the JIT members as saying that it seems to be an insider job yet again to malign Pakistan in the international community.