UN Security Council Sanction Committee double standards on terror designation of Indian nationals

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan on Thursday regretting the decision by United Nations Security Council’s Sanctions Committee to block the designation of two Indian nationals as terrorists despite sufficient evidence, said ‘it would continue to expose Indian-sponsored terrorism.

“We regret the decision by some members of the UNSC Sanctions Committee to block the designation of two Indian nationals, Gobinda Patnaik and Angara Appaji, to the sanctions list on September 2, 2020,” the Foreign Office Spokesperson said at a weekly press briefing.

Pakistan had proposed designation of Indian nationals under the United Nations Security Council’s ISIL and Al-Qaeda Sanctions list in 2019.

“These Indian nationals are wanted criminals in Pakistan for their involvement in many high-profile terrorist attacks and are currently residing in India under state protection,” Spokesperson Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri said.

The FO Spokesperson said Pakistan had provided sufficient evidence to the UNSC 1267 Sanctions Committee including information about financial support, travel record and training camps established by this Indian terrorism syndicate to foment terrorism and instability in Pakistan.

He said Pakistan believed that it had provided all necessary information as required under the listing criteria, adding that it always stressed the need for de-politicization and transparency in the UN sanctions regime for its effectiveness and credibility.

The Spokesperson said that Pakistan would continue to expose Indian sponsorship of terrorist entities like Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Jamat ul Ahraar (JUA) and others.

On recent skirmishes at China-India border, he said Pakistan had been repeatedly emphasizing that India’s expansionist and unilateral actions, particularly since 5th August 2019, were imperiling regional peace and security.

“The latest incidents in the China-India border areas validate Pakistan’s concerns and demonstrate that India’s belligerence remains a major impediment in resolving the issues at its borders,” he said.