China's Xi warns against 'empty talk' in G20 summit  

China's Xi warns against 'empty talk' in G20 summit  

HANGZHOU: (APP) Leaders of the world's biggest powers met Sunday to try to revive the sluggish world economy, with their host Chinese President Xi Jinping urging them to avoid "empty talk".

Xi welcomed each president and prime minister to the Group of 20 summit with a handshake, and had an extended clasp with Barack Obama as both men smiled, despite protocol stumbles around the US leader's visit.

In a circular conference hall in Hangzhou -- the scenic eastern city l-- Xi told them the G20 "should work with real action with no empty talk".

China is hoping a successful meeting will portray it as an assured, powerful nation ready to assume a role on the international stage that befits its status as the world's second-largest economy.