Israel and India conspiracy to remove PM Imran Khan government in Pakistan

Lahore: Senior analyst Zafar Hilali revealed on Saturday that JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman is being financially supported by Israel and India to oust the government of Imran Khan.

Making stunning claims on GNN’s show ‘View Point’ Hilali said that besides India and Israel, US and a former friend country of Pakistan is also supporting Fazlur Rehman-led opposition alliance.

The foreign powers want a national government in Pakistan through protests and movements, he said, besides urging people to decide if they wanted to be part of the conspiracy.

A conspiracy has been started against not only the PTI government but also to some extent against the establishment and China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), he said.

Hilali said that the JUI-F chief has been deployed at the domestic front as he has street power and wanted to use it, hence, he has been appointed head of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM).