Saudi Arabia faces new security threats

Saudi Arabia faces new security threats

DOHA – The Houthi rebel movement, controlling the north of Yemen, said on Thursday it was preparing for new strikes on Saudi Arabia which will be carried out if Riyadh does not respond to its calls for ceasing hostilities.

In mid-September, the Houthis claimed responsibility for attacks on Saudi oil facilities that resulted in a sharp drop in the oil production of the kingdom, which is at the helm of a coalition fighting against the rebel movement in Yemen. The movement subsequently announced halting drone attacks on Saudi Arabia and called on the coalition to follow suit.

"Large-scale preparations are underway for unrestricted and powerful strikes, which will be enough to crash the aggressor if peaceful efforts and dialogue do not bring success," the Houthi’s Supreme Political Council said in a statement, as cited by Almasirah TV channel, which is controlled by the movement.

The political council noted that the recent attacks on Saudi oil facilities were only a "tip of an iceberg" in comparison to the rebels’ capabilities.

After the Houthis announced halting their attacks on Saudi Arabia link, media reports emerged suggesting that Saudi Arabia had agreed to a partial ceasefire. The claims were, however, subsequently dismissed by the Houthis who said that the Saudi airstrikes continued.