PM reiterates to put in place mechanism for speedy justice

PM reiterates to put in place mechanism for speedy justice

Prime Minister Imran Khan says reforming criminal justice system and ensuring access to “easy and speedy” justice to the citizens is the central plank of the government's agenda.

Chairing a briefing on Ministry of Law and Justice in Islamabad, he said the government is committed to put in place a mechanism that facilitates the citizens as well as the judiciary in speedy dispensation of justice.

Minister for Law Dr. Muhammad Farogh Naseem made a detailed presentation on civil litigation reforms. He identified various procedural and legal lacunas in the existing justice system which caused inordinate delay in provision of justice to the people.

He also enumerated various steps including the need for establishment of an Evidence Commission, streamlining the Alternate Dispute Resolution and Arbitration system through legal framework.

He said amendments need to be undertaken in various laws like Anti-Terrorism Act, NAB law, Pre-emption laws, Rent laws and others to ensure that the laws and legal procedures are not misused to obstruct justice and serve to facilitate the common citizens.

The Law Minister assured the Prime Minister that a comprehensive reform package carrying the future Plan of Action with delineated timelines would be finalized within the first hundred days of the government.

Executive Director National Vocational & Technical Training Commission calls on PM

Executive Director National Vocational & Technical Training Commission Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema called on Prime Minister Imran Khan in Islamabad today (Wednesday).

Speaking on the occasion, the Prime Minister said providing technical training and job opportunities to youth are priority of the incumbent government.

He said such trainings and skills should be imparted to students which have high demand at national and international level.

The Prime Minister directed the Commission to pay special attention to CPEC related sectors.

He also directed the Executive Director to produce skilled people for employment opportunities arising in Qatar due to football world cup in 2022.

All issues faced by Madaris will be resolved with mutual consultations: PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan says all issues faced by the Madaris will be resolved with mutual consultations.

He was talking to a delegation of Ulemas from various schools of thought that called on him in Islamabad today.

The delegation congratulated Imran Khan on being elected as Prime Minister and expressed good wishes for him. They discussed reforms being introduced in the education sector by the government and the role and services of Madaris.

The Prime Minister said improvement in education system and syllabus is main priority of PTI government. He said the existence of three different educational systems in the country is dividing the nation as well as promoting different cultures. He said basic educational system and syllabus should be consistent with each other in order to build a nation.

The Prime Minister said students of seminaries should have a full right to move forward in all walks of life according to their potential. Imran Khan said the basic purpose of reforms in education sector is to end discrimination and provide the children of Madaris opportunities. He termed it injustice to ignore the services of Madaris and attribute them with terrorism.

The delegation assured the Prime Minister of full cooperation in all the positive steps of the government.