VT-5: China surprises world with new Main Battle Tank 

VT-5: China surprises world with new Main Battle Tank 

ZHUHAI: China has once again surprised the world by unveiling the latest light weight Main Battle Tank.

China is displaying a new light-duty main battle tank at an ongoing arms exhibition amid a muscle-flexing disclosure of ground weapons, in a bid to attract buyers who wish to quickly outfit their armies.

China North Industries Group Corp, commonly known as Norinco, the country's biggest developer of land armaments, expects the VT-5 tank to lure foreign military officers from developing nations at the 11th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, commonly known as the Zhuhai Air Show, which runs from Tuesday to Sunday.

The State-owned defense giant said the VT-5 is the most advanced light-duty tank now available in the international market. The tank showed off maneuvers on Tuesday morning in front of hundreds of foreign government and military officers at a range near the Zhuhai Air Show.

China has earlier unveiled its Stealth fighter J-20 which has left sleepless nights in US.