United States will continue its routine activities in South China Sea: White House Advisor

WASHINGTON: Thats our interest there; It's to demonstrate that we will uphold the principle of freedom of navigation. U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes said on Monday that there would be more demonstrations of the United States- commitment to the freedom of navigation in the disputed South China Sea. As per details, Rhodes comments come after a U.S. guided-missile destroyer sailed close to one of Beijing-s man-made islands in the South China Sea last week. The USS Lassen's patrol was the most significant U.S. challenge yet to the 12-nautical-mile territorial limits China claims around artificial islands it has built in the Spratly archipelago. China's Naval commander last week told his US counterpart that a minor incident could spark war in the South China Sea if the United States did not stop its "provocative acts" in the disputed waterway. China claims most of the South China Sea, through which more than $5 trillion of world trade passes every year. Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines and Taiwan have rival claims. Rhodes added that the goal in the dispute was to come to a diplomatic framework to resolve these issues.