Iran is no less threat than ISIS; Bahrain’s Foreign Minister

MANAMA: Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmed Al Khalifa accused Iran of smuggling arms into Bahrain, noting that Islamic Republic is as big a threat to whole region as ISIS. Iran has provided financial aid to conduct terrorist acts in Bahrain. As per details, Iranian support for subversion in Arab states is as large a danger to the area as the Islamic State (ISIS) jihadist gathering, Bahrain's Foreign Minister Sheik Khaled container Ahmed Al Khalifa said on Saturday at a security meeting in Manama. "These activities are no less a risk to us than Daesh," he said, utilizing the Arabic acronym for the jihadist assemble and blaming Iran for pirating arms into Bahrain. The Minister of Foreign Affairs said that Iran has provided sanctuary and financial support for those charged with conducting terrorist acts in Bahrain. Iran has additionally directed sneaking operations to get explosives and weapons including C-4, claymore mines, and AK-47 strike rifles. He included that 439 IEDs have been discovered and securely arranged, or have blasted bringing about wounds executing 16 cops and harming thousands, asserting that these risky demonstrations are no less a danger than ISIS. On the shots of enhancing relations with Iran, Sheik Khaled said that the matter is pending on the conduct of Iran and its dedication to great neighborly relations and in addition non-impedance in the Kingdom's inside issues.