Yet another positive signal from US over cooperation with Pakistan

Yet another positive signal from US over cooperation with Pakistan

WASHINGTON - US Department of Defense said on Thursday that Pakistan and US have many opportunities to fight terrorism and help with stability in Afghanistan.

“So, with respect to Pakistan, we have opportunities with Pakistan. We think Pakistan can do more, and we'll look to them and work with them to find opportunities to further regional security,” Dana White, a spokesperson for US Department of State, told reporters.

Pentagon said attacking voter registration centers shows that the group cannot win through elections.

“In Afghanistan, one, we have to remember that the Taliban and ISIS (Daesh), their motive is to scare people. It's fear. And they are purposely targeting voting registration. That is what they're doing in order to ensure -- because they can't win at the ballot box,” she said.

The Pentagon spokesperson said the reason to increase pressure on the Taliban is to get the group to a political solution.

“What I would say is that we're working by, with and through our partners. That, as the secretary said earlier this week, these are desperate attempts. We have to remember that our goal is to force the enemy to a political solution. And we're going to do that. But the enemy gets a vote. We will continue to work. We're there to stand with the Afghan government,” White said.

Meanwhile, the US Department of State stressed the need for investigation on a recent attack on a reporter in Afghanistan.