Kim orders North Korean military to be ready for use of nuclear weapons

Kim orders North Korean military to be ready for use of nuclear weapons
PYONGYANG: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has ordered his military to be ready to use nuclear weapons at any time in the face of growing threats from its enemies.


Kim claimed to bolster up its nuclear arsenal in quality and quantity and should be put on standby mode so that it could be fired at any moment.


North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency quoted Kim and said “The only way for defending the sovereignty of our nation and its right to existence under the present extreme situation is to bolster nuclear force both in quality and quantity.”


Pyongyang resident Song Hyo ll said “No kind of sanctions will ever work on us, because we’ve lived under US sanctions for more than half a century, and in the future we’re going to build a powerful and prosperous country here, relying on our own development.”


Thursday’s firing of short range missiles was seen as a low level response to UN sanctions.


UN imposed tougher sanctions against North Korea and banned any kind of imports and exports to Pyongyang.


It banned on all sales and transfer of small and light arms and weapons to North and all cargo ships will be screened.


The purpose of sanctions is to cut down the cash flow of North which includes a ban on export of coal worth $1 billion and iron ore worth $ 200 million.


US has deployed advance missile defence system (THAAD) in South Korea to knock down any missile fired from North. 

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