Zulfiqar, Fehmida Mirza join Pir Pagara-led GDA

Zulfiqar, Fehmida Mirza join Pir Pagara-led GDA

ISLAMABAD: Disgruntled leaders of Pakistan Peoples’ Party, Zulfiqar Mirza and his wife Fehmida Mirza, announced to join the Grand Democratic Alliance on Sunday.

The anti-PPP alliance is being led by Pakistan Muslim League-Functional chief Syed Sibghatullah Shah Rashdi (Pir Pagara).

The political move is likely to further strengthen anti-PPP forces in Sindh ahead of upcoming general elections.

“It’s time to raise voice for Sindh and get rid of corrupt elements,” said Fehmida Mirza at a press conference.

Her husband Zulfiqar and GDA chief Pir Pagara were also present.

Fehmida slammed PPP’s performance in Sindh, saying that the party could not deliver in the province. She called for education emergency in Sindh.

“Peoples Party did nothing in 10 years. I continued to raise my voice in National Assembly,” said Fehmida Mirza.

She was National Assembly speaker from 2008 to 2013.

“People of Sindh should not mere follow personalities but think about the future of our coming generations,” she said.

Pir Pagara said the alliance will struggle for a better law and order situation and end to corruption in Sindh. “The goals of our alliance and Fehmida Mirza are the same,” he said.