(VIDEO): Tom Cruise Halo Jump becomes the most daredevil stunt of Hollywood history

(VIDEO): Tom Cruise Halo Jump becomes the most daredevil stunt of Hollywood history

LONDON - Trust Tom Cruise to bring something new even after five instalments of his popular franchise Mission Impossible. The 55-year-old actor has once again challenged his limits in one of the most daredevil stunts in Hollywood. It’s called the halo (high altitude, low opening) jump, and it needs the performer to be in total control of their senses 25,000 feet above the sea level.

In a video released by the makers, Tom Cruise reveals how he practised the jump for more than 100 times and finally shot it in one take.

The 2-minute-37-second video shows how Cruise underwent special training to perform the scene. Even a customised helmet was created for the stunt which worked as a life-saving device as well as a prop during the stunt.

Christopher McQuarrie, the director, says that he was in discussion with Cruise about the halo jump sequence for over a year. The risks during the stunt involved severe anxiety, losing mental stability and hypoxia (deficiency of oxygen in tissues).

The team also built a wind machine for rehearsals, and it turned out to be a big air tunnel.

Cruise thanks the government of the UAE for the accomplishment of the mammoth task. Everyday the team performed five jumps in order to get their final act right. It had to be absolutely on point because even a small mistake could lead to a disaster when Cruise was coming towards earth at a speed of 220 mile per hour (340 kph).

Mission: Impossible franchise started in 1996, and its sixth instalment will hit the screens on July 27, 2018. The film also features Henry Cavill, Simon Pegg and Alec Baldwin in important roles.

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