British PM Theresa May defends Pakistan

British PM Theresa May defends Pakistan

British Prime Minister Theresa May has been forced to defend the practice of handing British taxpayers’ cash to people in Pakistan after it was described as “exporting the dole” by a senior Tory MP.

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Nigel Evans called for a review of the programme, but No10 said the controversial scheme was part of “a respected system that gets aid to those that need it the most.” The PM’s official spokesman said there were “robust systems in place to protect” the public purse, despite Tory critics comparing the £10 a month gifts to welfare handouts.

The row comes after it was revealed the UK aid budget helps fund the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP), which offers cash amounting to just over £10 a month to some of the poorest families in a country where 60 million people live on less than £1 a day.

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A spokeswoman for the Prime Minister told a Westminster briefing that there were “These are cash transfers that are focused on making sure that aid is targeted at those who need it, when they need it.”