Pakistani agencies foil RAW's nefarious plan in Occupied Kashmir

Pakistani agencies foil RAW's nefarious plan in Occupied Kashmir

In Modi's India, the Indian army and intelligence agency RAW are involved in drug smuggling, the Indian Army started cheating senior officers as lies, fake encounters and extrajudicial killings have become the hallmark of the Indian army. Rapes, killing of innocent civilians, suicides and the retreat from Galwan forced the Indian army to use cheap tactics.

The Indian army, RAW and Occupied Jammu and Kashmir Police are in a fierce competition to make numbers before the Modi government. The Indian army smuggled its own weapons and started targeting the freedom fighters.

Indian military officers put the regional peace at stake in the process of building their careers. Army officers started playing with the blood of Kashmiris in the rounds of promotions, medals and reports.

Pakistan's intelligence agencies foiled the Indian agencies’s design. According to the plan, vulnerable Kashmiris would be lured into smuggling and offered money. Later the 'smuggler' would be killed in a fake operation, and the blame would be put on Pakistan.

Initially, small consignments of arms and drugs were smuggled from the Kashmir Police. If successful, a large consignment (50 rifles, 30 pistols, 20 hand grenades, 50 kg of drugs) would have been smuggled from Azad Kashmir.

During smuggling, fake smugglers were killed by the Indian army and Pakistan was accused of infiltration and terrorism by giving it the colour of operation. Officers involved in the operation were given weapons and rewards.

CID Kashmir's letter to Jammu and Kashmir Police chief came to light. In the letter, the HEAD of CID Kashmir is informing the Jammu and Kashmir Police chief about the plan and instructing him to ignore it.

The letter mentions fake operations in Hajipir sector of 3 Rajputs, Uri sector of 12 Jats and Lt Col Aksant in Kupwara district. In another letter, a CID 'K' force official is allegedly attributing the unruly behaviour of the commanding officer to the failure of the operation between SP Baramulla and the 12 Jat Regiment.

The letter further said that in case the commanding officer leaves, the second-in-command agrees to this fake operation. India has tried these tactics in the past to suppress Kashmiris and defame Pakistan.