Freezing cold makes life difficult for GB dwellers

Freezing cold makes life difficult for GB dwellers

GILGIT: The mountain peaks of Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) were having intermittent snowfall and some time rains, causing abrupt fall of temperature, adding to the miseries of local dwellers.

The Pak-China border area (Sust, Hunza, and Gujal) Pass in the south and Babusar Pass in the north-east connecting GB with the rest of the country received heavy snow, which disturbed the routine life of locals.

Due to snowfall in Gilgit division, Baltistan division and Diamer division temperature has considerably fallen.

The white strips of snow have covered Hindukush, Himalaya and Karakorum mountains range and can be seen from any part of the valley, presenting an eye-catching view.

Meanwhile, the remotest hilly valleys of Gilgit situated in its extreme north and north-east including Nalter bala, Bagrote and Gasho pahoot have received more than three inches snowfall.

According to meteorological department Gilgit, Skardu remained coldest places in GB with minimum temperature -8 degree centigrade today.

Rainfall and snowfall in different parts of GB is likely to persist for a couple of days with gradually increasing intensity, landslides may occur in the vulnerable areas of GB, Meteorological department said Monday.