Reham Khan breaks silence over Imran Khan’s third marriage

Reham Khan breaks silence over Imran Khan’s third marriage

ISLAMABAD - Reham Khan has claimed that “her sources had confirmed that Imran had remarried”.

Reham, who had remained silent during the month-long controversy of Imran’s alleged third marriage, broke her silence on Saturday while speaking to a foreign news outlet.

Also a civil rights activist, she said that there is a pattern in Imran Khan’s marriages as even in case of her marriage, it was “kept hidden and lied about”.

“Even now, it is quite evident that the marriage has been solemnised but why is it being said that only the marriage proposal has been sent across."

Reham also called out Imran Khan for keeping her marriage hidden for a certain period. She said: “I am not habitual of lying… [our] marriage was not disclosed for two months and eight days.”

She said that their marriage ceremony was performed on October 31, 2014. “There was an emphasis that our nikkah [marriage ceremony] rituals be performed on October 31, 2014, and the same date was chosen for the divorce in 2015,” she said, adding that she had no say in the marriage or divorce dates.

Commenting about her own marriage with Imran Khan and the role of a ‘third party’ in their marital life, she said: “I had no say in the marriage or divorce [dates], maybe someone else’s opinion carried weight.”

Reham’s indication towards a third party being involved in their [Imran-Reham] marital life was also reported by some media outlets’ reports during the period of controversy surrounding Imran Khan’s alleged third marriage. According to media reports at that time, Bushra Maneka was the reason behind the divorce of Imran Khan and Reham Khan .

Moreover, Reham questioned the acquittal of Imran Khan by the Supreme Court in the disqualification case, saying, “I don’t know what criteria did the Supreme Court used to give so much concession to him.”

“The Supreme Court in Pakistan has given him the label of Sadiq (honest) and Ameen (truthful),” she said while speaking to an Indian news channel.

Echoing the sentiments of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), she said: “A few recent decisions of our judiciary seem to give a lot of concession in some cases and none whatsoever in others.”

She also threatened to spill the beans out regarding certain other things, saying that she will have to break her silence over certain things in her knowledge.